Parish Council

Parish Council

The Ludford Parish Council has an annual budget of around £3000.  It meets 6 times a year in the Village Hall, plus extra meetings as required.

Parishioners are welcome at all meetings and are invited to speak during the open session held before meetings begin.

Your councillors are unpaid and do not claim expenses.  We use your money with great thought as follows:

  • Grass cutting in various areas including the playing field.
  • Safety checks on the play equipment.
  • Assistance with the cost of grass cutting in the churchyard.
  • Maintenance of the church outside lighting and share the electricity cost with the church.
  • Maintenance of the village signs, pump, benches, stocks, notice board, 101 memorial.
  • Erection of a Christmas Tree and lights each December.
  • Placing and planting up of flower beds near the signs at the entrances to the village.
  • Insurance and clerks salary.
  • We have a small sum for donations should a parish group require assistance, or for projects.

Your Parish Councillors are:

CHAIRMAN – Mr. Martin Cordwell, 01507 313591

VICE CHAIRMAN – Mrs. Christine Hawthorn, 01507 313433

Mr. Alastair Guthrie, 01507 313221

Mr. Chris Lilley, 01507 313998

Mrs. Patricia Ridger, 01507 313391

Mr. Graham Brader, 01507 313684

Mr. Iain Davidson, 01507 313528

PARISH CLERK – Mrs. Joyce Gay, 01507 600383

Meetings commence at 7.30pm every other month from January and are held in the committee room of the village hall. Minutes and agenda are posted the week before on the Parish Notice Board opposite the entrance to Kiln Hill, Magna Mile.

Local residents are most welcome and will have an opportunity to comment during the open session of the meeting.

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