The twinning between Ludford and Voué is not an artificially created one but one based on real, long-lasting friendships and shared history. As you probably already know, during World War II, 101 Squadron RAF was based at Ludford Magna airfield. In the course of a The graves in Voueraid on Mailly-le-Camp a Lancaster bomber from the squadron crashed in the neighbourhood of Voué. The members of the crew were buried in the churchyard there and their graves have been tended ever since by the people of Voué. That historic link united the villagers of Ludford and a formal twinning was initiated in March 1992.

La Mairie VoueThe Ludford Voué Twinning Association (LVTA) is unusual in that you do not have to apply or pay to join. All residents of the Civil Parish of Ludford are automatically members, together with all village organisations and anyone else who wishes to be a member. We aim to improve our links, make new contacts and enjoy the benefits of being friends with a lovely village in France in the Champagne region.

Anyone can get involved and you do not need to speak French, you do not have to host any French people and you do not have to go to France. If you cannot host French visitors you can still help by supporting our fund raising social events.

Troyes near VoueCoincidentally the two villages are similar in size and layout and you can see the aerial photograph of Voué in the Village Hall. The gifts given to Ludford by the people of Voué over the years are also on display.



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