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Superfast Broadband

Superfast Broadband

This is a genuine possibility – Ludford could have super-fast broadband soon!

In case you are not aware there is a county-wide scheme to get better broadband provision across Lincolnshire.   There is a pot of money going to be spent on getting a rural area super-fast broadband this year. There are 3 areas they are considering to spend the money in and one of them includes Ludford!

To get this money the area has to prove the most demand/need for the service plus meet certain other criteria.

Both residents and businesses in the area will benefit greatly from this. The people organising this came to meet us on Monday May 14th at the Village Hall.  They told us about what is involved and answered lots of questions.  The meeting had a very good turnout.

In effect it is a ‘competition’ and we need to ‘win’ it.  We need to get choosen over the other areas.  This is an exciting opportunity so please give your full support.  Even if you think it does not affect you remember that others need it and it can help create jobs in the future.

Please start getting everyone you know to register their interest on the official website at   Get everyone in the family to sign up!

It will be our chance to show that Ludford really needs super-fast broadband.  At the moment we struggle with the broadband speeds in the village.  Imagine what it would be like if the Internet worked like it does in the BT adverts!

At the meeting on May 14th we met some of the people responsible for making the decision as to which area gets the funding.

What you can do to help the village get super-fast-broadband:

  • Tell everyone you know to register their interest at and make sure everyone in the family does it.  This is vital!
  • Tell everyone you know about the scheme.
  • Tell everyone you know to come to any future meetings, including the children who use the Internet for school work and entertainment.
  • ‘Like’ the Ludford Facebook page & links to get updates.
  • Sign up to the newsletter to get updates.
  • Volunteer to deliver leaflets around the village- contact us
  • Read the two documents below to get a better understanding of what is happening, they may look similar but both contain important and interesting information.


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